Professional Carpet Cleaning in Cambridge

At Trinity Harper Cleaning we offer our services in many different places such as churches, pubs, sports facilities, schools, offices etc. and one of our most popular services across all these different places is our carpet cleaning especially in the area of Cambridge. We provide carpet cleaning in both domestic and commercial areas; no matter the amount of the carpet that requires cleaning.

Our highly trained teams of professional cleaners work to get your carpets back to the cleanest standard possible or just maintain a new carpet to keep it looking as good as new. We pride ourselves on using the most effective cleaning materials to achieve a remarkable finish. They will both look clean and smell fresh, giving a pleasant welcoming appeal to your home or office space.

Carpets in areas of heavy usage, especially public areas, attractions or offices with large numbers of employees, may have an increased need for cleaning on a more regular basis, for this we can set up a routine clean, daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you take care of the carpet you already have installed, this will increase its lifespan and reduce your costs in the long term, as it will not need replacing as often.

When people walk on carpet with shoes on, they tread in the dirt from outside and this gets trapped between the fibres of the carpet, making high traffic areas look discoloured and dull and this also means that they stain more easily. Soils with an oil base also attract each other and will build up if the carpet is not maintained regularly. Once dirt is ground into the carpet it is difficult to remove it and this is why we are needed to provide a thorough clean to banish all the trodden in dirt before it gets deeper into the carpet.

A dirty carpet reflects badly upon your company or you personally so maintaining it is really important to give a good first and lasting impression. We have been running our family business for over 10 years now so we know the importance of company branding and reputation and we think the cleanliness of your work environment not only leaves a good impression for potential and existing clients but it also creates a safe, pleasant environment for your employees which will consequentially have a great impact on their work ethic.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose Trinity Harper Cleaning to look after your carpets, as we understand the importance of a clean environment, an impeccable appearance and a cleaning schedule to suit you. We offer our services in and out of normal work hours to suit your business and cause the least amount of disruption to you and your employees. We are flexible to your schedule, your requirements, the material and size of your carpet and your budget. We provide a professional, efficient, reliable service where all our staff are uniformed and Health and Safety compliant and always receive stunning reviews. We promise to deliver a high standard of cleaning and leave your carpets in flawless condition.

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