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If you have a venue, business premises or commercial building, you will understand the importance of keeping them looking their best. Having a clean building will help leave a good impression on clients, guests or customers and makes you look professional and respectable.

However, lots of business owners will avoid cleaning higher areas and ceilings but having a dirty ceiling can still leave a bad impression. If the rest of your building is being cleaned thoroughly then a dirty ceiling will stand out in comparison. If you are using your building for conferences, galleries or meetings then you do not want your guests to be looking at a ceiling that has been neglected.

AT Trinity Harper Cleaning we have a large existing client base with many different building types who use our ceiling cleaning services. Whether you have an office or commercial space, a kitchen, school, shopping centre, religious centre, restaurant etc. Trinity Harper cleaning can design a plan around you and the needs of your building and business. We also offer after builders cleaning or for renovations and end of tenancy cleaning.

We appreciate that ceiling and high cleaning can be very difficult to do and this is why it is something that often gets neglected in many buildings. Cleaning high areas often needs specialist equipment and can be quite time consuming. At Trinity Harper Cleaning we have all the equipment needed to clean a ceiling in the most efficient time possible. This includes extending poles to reach high ceilings and tricky areas on top of cupboards or fixtures for washing, polishing or removing deposited material. We ensure your floors are protected and all surrounding areas do not suffer the consequences of cleaning up high. We pride ourselves on our thorough service to ensure optimum cleanliness and safe working conditions.

If you are working in commercial kitchens then your ceilings and high areas will need cleaning more often than in conference rooms, shopping centres or schools. This is due to the build up of fatty deposits and grease that stick high up with the help of heat and extraction systems. If left and not cleaned then these ceilings can pose a dangerous health and safety hazard to anyone working or visiting the buildings and will be identified by inspectors. We would recommend perhaps a weekly clean for commercial kitchens to avoid fires and poor air ventilation.

We also know that this job does not need doing as often as low cleaning so we offer contracts on a flexible basis whether it is weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual, to suit your needs. You can also have our other services on a more frequent basis such as a daily clean with weekly window washing, annual carpet wash and a monthly ceiling and high area clean.

Whatever service you require, whether it is office cleaning or kitchen cleaning we can help tailor you a cleaning plan. Just give us a call today on 01223782505 or email us on and we can arrange a meeting where we look at your space and offer you a quote based on the services you require.