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Educational Facility Cleaning

Understanding Your Needs

Schools, Colleges, Training Centres, and other type of Educational Facilities is a sector where Trinity Harper Cleaning is trusted. Providing first class environments for first class educations for our next generations is something we are very proud of. We take great pride in being able to provide flexible service schedules to meet the demands of busy and bustling facilities.

If you operate an Educational Facility in Cambridgeshire, one important part of keeping your establishment looking professional is to make sure that it is properly serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. After all, an environment that is unkempt, cluttered or in need of cleaning certainly does not make a very good impression on students and staff. Additionally, an unclean working environment will create diminished productivity. One of the best solutions is to rely on aprofessional and affordable cleaning service.

The need for professional commercial cleaning is certainly clear, however finding a company with a reputation of providing the necessary services in a timely, professional, and affordable manner cannot be overstated.

Security & Safeguarding

The ever-increasing demands on security and safeguarding within educational facilities is something we take extremely seriously. All our team members are subject to DBS checks on top of the usual expected staff vetting. With a host of educational clients already on our portfolio, you can be assured of our commitment and understanding of this extremely serious and important area of your business.


Halls of Residence 

We can also come to your assistance if you need to clean halls of residence before the arrival of new students. If halls of residence do not meet certain standards before new students move in, you can expect to receive complaints from not only the students themselves but their parents too. University accommodation can be very expensive, which means students expect the facilities they are moving into to be as clean as they possibly can be. We can also provide cleaning services for a range of college and university environments including washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, staff room and restaurant areas to give just a few examples.


Let Trinity Harper Cleaningservice your needs

We believe that a clean environment is one of the most important components of a business. All of our cleaning services are designed to ensure that your workspace is maintained to a clean, professional and productive environment.
Please see our existing clients, or read our testimonials to discover how happy our clients are with our services.
We offer our full range of services to cover any commercial premises, be it a straightforward Commercial Office or perhaps a more technical environment such as an Educational Facility, a Laboratory or Hi-Tech establishment or an Industrial site.
Each client premises is unique to them, and as such requires us to take a unique approach to establishing and understanding your own requirements.
Through open and collaborative dialogue, together we’ll determine a comprehensive and specific cleaning regime, detailing specific tasks and frequencies to provide the optimum service and standards achievable.

This comprehensive and specific cleaning regime may include any or all the following: –

Office Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning & Fogging

Janitorial Supplies

Feminine Hygiene

Kitchen & Industrial Deep Cleaning