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The importance of office cleanliness for health and safety

When working environments aren’t as clean or hygienic as they could be, accidents and illnesses can occur. Keeping a workplace clean and tidy can reduce absenteeism and keep your staff healthy and happy. If you fail to keep on top of cleanliness, you could even find yourself facing compensation claims from your workers, which could be highly detrimental for your business.

Eliminate occupational hazards

Hazards can be harder for your staff to identify when cleanliness standards are not met. This means accidents are more likely to occur. Occupational hazards are things found within the workplace that could cause harm. These can include items that are not stored where they should be, such as boxes that could cause slips, trips and falls or items that could fall on workers and injure them because they aren’t clearly visible. It’s vital that all equipment is stored in a safe place when it is not in use.

Win the battle against germs

When communal spaces aren’t kept clean, germs can spread quickly. Hands and workstations must be sanitised frequently, such as items and areas that tend to be touched a large number of times each day, like door handles, taps and more. Cleaning should be even more frequent than usual during so-called ‘flu season’. When workplaces aren’t as clean as they could be mould can germinate quickly. When employees are exposed to mould spores they can potentially suffer respiratory illnesses. Mould can germinate very quickly in particularly humid environments. Air filtration systems also need to be cleaned frequently to stop mould spores affecting staff.

Decrease inefficiency, absenteeism and poor morale

Unclean workplaces can result in decreased worker efficiency as well as absenteeism. Injuries and illnesses can seriously affect the standard of work, leaving staff unable to carry out their duties as successfully as you would like. Staff who work in clean, hygienic environments are more likely to be happy with their jobs. They are less likely to think about heading elsewhere and tend to be very loyal to their employers.

Enhance your reputation

Office cleanliness also enables you to present a better image towards visitors to your business premises including customers, potential investors, associates, suppliers, clients and more. If you appear to be losing the battle against uncleanliness, they may assume you are failing in other areas as well. Maintain a good level of office cleanliness to prevent bacteria and viruses spreading, maintain a positive reputation and avoid breaking health and safety regulations.

Why Trinity Harper?

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