Professional Cleaning

At Trinity Harper Cleaning, we have spent years training a highly skilled, personable, enthusiastic team of cleaners. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and we promise to be efficient and deliver a product you will be thrilled with. We maintain a high level of professionalism and all our members of staff arrive fully uniformed to every job. We have earned a great reputation and a lot of respect from our increasingly growing client base and they have assisted us in our growth as a company. We also aim to be fully flexible and work around your schedule whether that be during work hours, out of work hours, during holidays or just one-offs. We have never had a complaint in 13 years and we promise an over night transformation of your premises, that is also great value for money. All our customers would agree that we do have the magic hands you are looking for!

Experienced Cleaners

Our team has years of experience in professional cleaning across different cleaning services throughout Cambridge. We provide cleaning in commercial settings such as offices, factories, commercial kitchens and even in hospitals. We have many regular contracts with companies such as Granta Processors, Aixtron Ltd, Partnertech and Orbital Fabrications. We also have experience cleaning up after buildings and renovations, as we know they can create a lot of mess. When you are moving out of a rented flat or house and are concerned about getting your deposit back, we can deep clean the building, cleaning the skirting boards, windows, carpets, kitchens and bathrooms and anything else that needs doing to get the place looking as good as new. We also provide expert carpet cleaning in commercial and domestic buildings. We have contracts with many people in their domestic homes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and they are always impressed with their flawlessly clean homes.

If you would like to see evidence of our excellent finished product we have many pictures in our gallery of homes, offices, kitchens, warehouses etc. that have been cleaned to an excellent, high standard. This will hopefully help you to visualise our professional cleaning outcome. We are based in a great area in Cambridge surrounded by the Fenlands and lots of our inspiration for our technology and professionalism comes from being in this great, clean city.