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Specialist Cleaning Services

For many, the term ‘cleaning’ equates to a quick vacuum around the house and a dust here and there. While this helps to keep our personal space in order, more often than not our properties, be it residential or commercial, need a deeper clean if they’re to remain stylish as well as safe.

For commercial properties, the need for deep and thorough cleaning is paramount. With a high footfall and large number of people in and around the building, it is important for businesses to maintain a high level of hygiene at their premises not only to protect the wellbeing of staff but to keep it looking smart and professional for visiting clients.

This is where specialist cleaning services come into play. These cleaning teams are experienced in deep, substantial cleaning designed to fully de-sanitise your building from top to bottom. Not only do they have the right equipment and cleaning solutions for the job at hand – for instance, strong chemicals may be needed – but they have been specifically trained to deal with each individual problem without causing damage to your possessions.

Many industries may require specialist cleaning, from office blocks and warehousing to factories and production facilities. Areas of interest range from cleaning floors, toilets, changing rooms, canteens, offices, air filtering systems, mechanical equipment, storage and warehousing, laboratories – the list goes on!

Laboratory and high-tech cleaning requires a professional contractor to come and carry out the job effectively. Understanding the need for detail, care and precision are paramount in these environments. A deep understanding of Health & Safety protocols, commercial confidentiality and the need to remove the invisible dust particles are all part of a days work – and if you’re searching for cleaning services in Cambridge, you’ve came to the right place.

Here at Trinity Harper we have a specialist team with a wide-ranging skillset dedicated to cleaning your commercial property properly. From office and window cleaning to jet washing, car park and building exteriors, our friendly team of experts have the know-how and ability to carry out any job as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible, while not disrupting you and your teams’ daily duties.

If you’ve not got the time to clean your property, let us take control and slot seamlessly into the background of your business while you get on with your job. Afterwards? You’ve got a fully de-contaminated working premises that adheres to all health and safety regulations and will impress any visitor, as well as keep your workforce happy and healthy.

For Cambridge commercial cleaning contractors, there’s only one option – Trinity Harper. Get in touch now to arrange a visit, or let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.