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Why Your School Should Use Our Cleaning Services

Schools offer an incredibly valuable service to the world; they shape the minds of future generations and acclimate them to structure. Education is vital to a progressing society and they need to be a safe and clean place for your children to be. Also, the actual act of cleaning services needs to be done with health and safety precautions in mind. Trailing cables and strong disinfectant has to be appropriately stored and risk assessments should be done.


When a parent comes to your school, they want to see that the institution where they children go is reputable. If the floors are sticky, walls are marked, and the windows are smudged, then this could reflect poorly on your school. Cleaning Services will help keep your school gleaming to the highest standard. At the very least the exterior appearance can be improved with our Window Cleaning.


As a student, the expectation is to learn and conduct yourself in a proper manner. School should be a safe environment for pupils to learn. School cleaning companies help keep children safe. If you are looking for school cleaning companies near me, you need them to be careful with the chemicals they use as well as the finished project. A great time to have Deep Cleaning work done in the school is over the summer holidays, when the students are not present.


Having a clean classroom is one part of a healthy learning environment, where children need to be able to focus on learning. Teachers require a hygienic workplace like any other work place, but it is more crucial to the learning environment. A Clean and fresh classroom helps with concentration, which in turn makes for an easier time engaging the students.

What school cleaning contractor services can Trinity Harper supply?

Each school is different; they don’t all require school cleaning companies to come in every day. Trinity Harper’s school cleaning services include contracts that can be weekly, monthly, or more. If your school needs general school cleaning daily but a deep clean once a month, Trinity Harper can easily work around you and your timetable.

Why would you choose Trinity Harper as your school cleaning contractors?

Health and Safety

Trinity Harper Cleaning Ltd are health and safety assured; using human friendly chemicals to reduce any adverse effects. The safety and wellbeing of our clients is paramount, especially when it comes to children. We are regulated and our highly trained cleaners will work in the safest manner possible. A deep clean can be performed outside of term times so there are no hazards that could cause harm to the students.

Customer services

We believe that you should be proud of how your School looks. It is a place many people spend the majority of their week. We take pride in our work just like you do and we let our work speak for itself. If you ever have a query, a question, or even want to find out our other cleaning services, Contact Us today!