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How flexible are Trinity Harper’s window cleaning services?

Windows need to be cleaned regularly depending on how the room is used. However, window cleaning can’t be at inconvenient time for everyday life to work around. Trinity Harper offers flexibility for both Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Window Cleaning so it can be done when you want it.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning services need to work for your business. The outside window cleaner can start outside of working hours but will need to work with your schedule for indoor cleaning. With our contracts we will discuss the times best for you so they are the least disruptive.

Residential Window Cleaning

Although more and more people are working from home, this doesn’t mean you don’t need a scheduled time to get your residential window cleaning sorted. You may prefer to be around for the outside window cleaner or you may not, but we will work with your decision to make sure you have top quality cleaned windows.

What types of window cleaning services contracts does Trinity Harper offer?

Dependent on what your business does, or where it is located, you may need more frequently cleaned windows. Trinity Harper’s contracts are flexible in terms that they can be weekly, fortnightly, and even monthly. For Office Cleaning the interior windows may need less maintenance than the outside. For School Cleaning there could be a need for indoor window cleaning more frequently due to the number of children that move through the school each day.

Why are clean windows important?

As for the outside window cleaner services, they help long term effects of the elements; Indoor windows could have a negative effect on the first impression of your business.

First Impressions

No matter the person, everyone and every office will give off a first impression. If the office is not well looked after, you may turn away potential clients or new employees. Removing the element of smudged and grubby windows from the equation, removes one part of a negative first impression. Making it more likely to convert a potential client.


Employees of the business want to be able to take some pride in what they are doing. The environment they work in will influence how they feel about your business. Window cleaning services show an outward in approach to building a welcoming working environment. If you want your employees to work with a sense of professionalism, you will need to show that your business is professional. Window cleaning has the impression of taking care of external appearance. It will have an impact on how people see you.


Wind, rain and Sun radiation all have an effect on external facing materials. The last thing your business wants is to have to pay out thousands in repairs and maintenance due to a lack of general upkeep. Window Cleaning regularly will help to keep the harsh UK weather from causing major problems in the long term.

Why should you speak with Trinity Harper Cleaning Ltd?

Trinity Harper Cleaning Ltd employees are highly trained and experienced window cleaners. They carefully adhere to health and safety rules and regulations and take the same pride and professionalism you would take with your business. As a local company focusing specifically on cleaning Trinity Harper also exhibits top quality customer service. But the real mark of why you should use Trinity Harper, is the results we bring. Our quality speaks for itself so don’t delay, contact us today to get your windows sparkling!