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2022 has seen our new customer sales increase by almost £1m, making our total turnover more than £2.2m. What is it that we do (and have been doing) to bring about such a successful year? 

In simple terms, it’s very similar to baking a cake, if you have the correct ingredients and follow the recipe, your result is always a beautifully risen and delicious cake.


Our ingredients and recipe consist of : –

  1. ‘Trinity Harper Cleaning Promise’
  2. A team motivated by our ‘High Performance’ ethos


Let’s look at these elements in more detail…

The ‘Trinity Harper Cleaning Promise’

  1. We will always be available
  2. We will never overcharge you
  3. We will give you responses and not excuses
  4. We will always fulfil our duties and responsibilities
  5. We will give you the best all round service you can find

‘High Performance ‘ ethos

Our teams, throughout all areas of the business (both Managerially and Operationally) strive to be High Performers. Being a ‘high performer’ does not mean you have to be an elite athlete or some sort of business guru, or indeed someone of wealth, the phrase we have adopted and continually cascade to every employee to help them become a high performer is …..

‘be the best you can be, wherever you are, with whatever you have’

It’s our belief that every single person that follows that, is a high performer, and that is all we ask of our people.

Of course, we do need close supervision and management processes to ensure that we are using the right ingredients and are following the recipe. Our managers conduct stringent, formal, written, and recorded Quality Service Audits each and every month, accompanied by a Client Representative. This ensures we always have that beautifully risen and delicious cake.


Here’s an example:-

The Roku Journey 

We started our partnership with Roku delivering early morning office cleaning, we have grown together over the past 3.5 years and today we are delivering 8 times the amount of cleaning hours we started with. We have achieved this, unchallenged by our competitors, because we always adhere to our ingredients and recipe, which form our core values along with the Trinity Harper Cleaning Promise.

Roku have always experienced our ‘responses not excuses’ culture, we’ve always delivered whatever the request, no matter the circumstance or the size of the task. 

A prime example of this is when Roku were relocating to their brand-new Corporate HQ Building, we were given 48hrs to complete a builders and sparkle clean of a 4 storey building, whilst furniture etc was being delivered and erected. We achieved this by having the right team with the right attitude. 


Below is a testimonial from the client that proves we abide by our promise.

“Hi Shaun

Following on from our review meeting yesterday, I promised that I would confirm in writing, my feedback, re Djamel, Kelly and Buchi.


You’re aware that we have always had the highest regard for Djamel. His reliability, his work ethic, the quality of his work, and his overall demeanour and behaviour is exemplary. His responsiveness to our requests, is always immediate, (although, often, we don’t expect it), however, he ALWAYS has the same enthusiasm for everything he does, and clearly, takes pride in his work. 


I suspect that Kelly doesn’t realise how valued she is by Roku and how the quality of her work impacts on us. Hopefully, eventually, she will feel confident enough to try taking on more responsibly. She has a first-class work ethic and is a star performer.


Buchi has always been super popular with the Roku team, he has demonstrated a level of maturity, at a time, when he could have considered, not staying with us. We are delighted he decided to stay. His consistency of work and his general application to the team, is also one of “doing his bit, and more”. He does it with good grace, good fun and good manners. 

There you go Shaun. Some good stuff about your team. It’s fair to say, that we think you’re pretty awesome also! 😊

Kind regards


Jo Gibbs – Senior Workplace Services Coordinator 

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