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Trinity Harper Cleaning continues with Real Living Wage For All

Every single one of our employees is benefitting from being paid the new Real Living Wage (£12 per hour) as an absolute minimum. 

This Real Living Wage (RLW) is almost 5% higher than the Governments National Living Wage (NLW, formerly known as the Minimum Wage).

Here at Trinity Harper Cleaning we recognise that our people are our biggest asset, and as such should be treated in the same way and valued just as highly as any high-end designer product. 

By paying our staff 5% (as a minimum) above the accepted National Living Wage, we ensure a high level of motivated and committed staff. Compared with industry standards and our competitors, our staff turnover rates are ridiculously low, which of course ultimately results in a higher quality and consistency of service at the front line. This is backed up by all our Customers accepting and encouraging us to maintain paying the higher rate Real Living Wage.

“People first and cleaners second” is the mantra we abide by to help us achieve this dedicated and motivated work force. Paul Prime (Director for Business Development) commented “we made a strategic decision 18 months ago to push our wage rates up to the Real Living Wage. To achieve this goal, it involved consultation with our Customers, who supported us whole heartedly, and we are all now reaping the benefits, our staff and our Customers. I am personally extremely grateful for their ongoing support.” 


As well as paying this enhanced Real Living Wage, we also have the following in place for all members of the team: –

  • Each employee receives a birthday card
  • Each employee receives a Christmas Card and gift
  • Each employee receives an Easter Egg
  • A Monthly ‘High Performer’ reward is given
  • A ‘Quarterly and Annual Attendance Award Scheme’