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The Bell School Journey to All Saints St Albans

Trinity Harper Cleaning began its partnership with The Bell School (Cambridge) in 2019, delivering early morning cleaning at their Main School site. We have since grown together over the past four and a half years and today we are providing Daily Cleaning services at three of their sites in Cambridge, as well as a weekend ‘Deep Clean Turnaround’ service to student rooms.

In January 2023 we were asked to take on the Daily Cleaning of their most prestigious site, a Grade 1 Plus Building in London Colney, St Albans.

We have achieved this growth completely unchallenged by our competitors because here at Trinity Harper Cleaning we always stick to the ingredients and recipe which form the core values of our business, known as the Trinity Harper Cleaning Promise. We have never under delivered nor over charged the Bell School and always remain to this day as transparent as ever. We have always responded and never given excuses or let them down. We’ve always delivered no matter what the circumstance or size of the task. We constantly go above and beyond the call of duty to meet The Bell’s requests and requirements. We never offer excuses to any of our clients, we only provide responses and solutions.

A prime example of this is, is when The Bell was reopening the school in London Colney St Albans, we were given just 8 days to complete the sparkle clean of 110 bedrooms, 28 bathrooms and 20 classrooms including all the communal areas of the building. We also had to recruit and train a team of 6 full time cleaning operatives to be ready to start the Daily Cleaning on the opening day. By having the right people with the right attitude, we achieved it with 2 days to spare, a feat that was noted as being outstanding and much to the delight of The Bell School. We have consistency with our staff, the entire team that started the contract are still the same team today.

We carry out regular site visits at different times to ensure that the high standards are constantly being maintained as well as carrying out a full cleaning Quality Audit with the client once a month.