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People first, cleaners second, that’s why we have such a happy team.

We are not simply a Contract Cleaning business; we are a People Business. For us to be successful, it’s important to understand that if we don’t have people, then we don’t have a business.

Recruiting the right people with the right attitude can often be the most challenging step. Looking after them, making them feel valued, seeing them understand and have a sense of purpose in their role, is the easy part. This may sound simple, but believing in, trusting and understanding the importance of your people is often massively overlooked by a lot of organisations.

Here at Trinity Harper Cleaning, our senior management team continually strive to find ways to constantly make our people feel valued in the work they do. We encourage our customers and partners to see our teams as people first and cleaners second.

What do we do? How have we achieved this?

  1. High Performance Rewards – you do not need to be an elite athlete or business entrepreneur to be considered a high performer. Our people are considered high performers by simple abiding by the following: ‘do the best you can, wherever you are, with whatever you have’. There’s no reason that everyone cannot do that; you don’t have to do extraordinary things. The feeling of self-esteem once that is understood, can be amazing and so rewarding.
  2. Attendance Rewards– all our people who have a 100% attendance find their names being put forward for a quarterly draw, where one deserving individual will receive a £200 thank you reward. As well as the quarterly reward, we also have an additional annual draw, where again a very deserving member of the team will also receive a £200 thank you reward.
  3. We send all our people a Birthday Card; the reaction we receive is quite amazing. Have you ever received a birthday card from an employer?
  4. Easter Eggs for all; everyone loves chocolate, right? A simple way to put a smile on anyone’s face.
  5. Seasonal Greetings card and gifts for all; yet again another small token of our thanks and appreciation.
  6. Fair Pay – From 1st April 2023, The Living Wage Foundation’s living wage is set at £11.95 in London and £10.90 per hour for the rest of the U.K. Trinity Harper Cleaning have made a commitment to pay every single member of our team, above Real Living Wage as an absolute minimum. If you would like to find out more about the Living Wage Foundation, visit their website

Here’s what just a few of our people have had to say:


Mercedes Dias (Supervisor Bell Education Pastoral Facility in St Albans)

I like working for Trinity Harper Cleaning because it’s a great company, everything is great so far. I have a great manager (Shaun), the bosses are really nice, and the wages are good. They really seem to recognise and value employees. I’m a Supervisor and I have a dream team.

Kyle Frederick (Team Member Bell Education Pastoral Facility in St Albans)

I like working at Trinity Harper Cleaning because they’ve given me the get up and go attitude. 

Everything is great so far, great supervisor, great boss and I hope it all continues with the dream team family.

Oliver Knott (Team Member Bell Education Pastoral Facility in St Albans)

I would like to say that even before officially starting, I felt welcomed by you and my colleagues, I now feel like a proper team member and together have great teamwork. Even the other staff around the school are pleasant to talk to and always seem so happy to see us. Also because of the hours that I work, I feel freer with the rest of the day that I get to enjoy to myself.

Benea Florin (Team Member Cambridge Union Society)

When asked how much I like working at Trinity Harper Cleaning, it is only kind words that I can say. All the time you help me and give me proper jobs that I do successfully. And for sure I want to continue working with you and Trinity Harper Cleaning because here I feel like I’m in a big family and I can always count on you. 

Rozica-Ionela Dima (Team Member Domino (UK) ltd)

I started working for Trinity Harper Cleaning in August 2022, after I discuss with Shaun. My first job was at Collegiate, cleaning Student rooms. It was a nice job and a real pleasure working with Shaun, because every time when I needed something, he always responded to me and helped find a proper solution to everything.

Saad Djenki (Team Member Roku UK Ltd) 

I like working at Trinity Harper Cleaning because they are serious, and the payment is good. The manager is very kind, and he helps me whenever I need it. I’m very satisfied working for Trinity Harper Cleaning.

Shane Smith (Window Cleaning Division)

From day 1 since joining the team, all the management staff have been friendly and welcoming. Any issues I’ve had, they’ve been very helpful and given me the right guidance. All the cleaning operatives, whether it’s part time staff or full time, have all been friendly and nice to work with. The whole company feels like one big family. It’s nice to be at a company and to feel a valued member of staff, it really does mean a lot.

Paulo Santos (Contract Support Manager)

Trinity Harper Cleaning, what to say? Simply an amazing company to work for. There is outstanding support from the management team, from the Directors to the Operations Manager, Contract Managers and the rest of the cleaning team. The understanding of different situations, on both a personal and professional level, and the support I’ve had is something I never experienced before. I’ve been given opportunities to grow and improve my skills. Dream team all the way, love working for this company. Was the best decision I ever made.


Here are some of our very happy and proud High Performance and Attendance Award Winners

Vanessa Nunes
Glenn Hurry
Saad Djenki, Bouchie Emenike & Kelly Pledger


Nicu Boghean (pictured with James Jenkins)
Jon Cole (pictured with Barry Nicholls)